Home is where the ♥ is.

Home is where the  is.

bestfriends is a promise, not a title

I think it’s only fair that I get to write about it. It’s only fair that I get to publicly talk about it, seeing as how you won’t talk to me about it at all. 

I think it’s unfair the way you put my feelings on the line. I think it’s unfair you made me feel this way after all that we’ve been through. and I think it’s selfish that you’re choosing a dude over yourbestfriend.

You can’t make excuses for someone that is willing to keep you from living your life. You can’t make excuses for someone who breaks down your self esteem like that. You can’t make excuses for someone who doesn’t even appreciate you, the way everyone you’ve been ignoring does.

We always used to laugh at those naive girls who blew off their bestfriend for a guy.

You are that girl.

I sing ya songs, I dance ya dance
I gave ya friends all a chance-
puttin up with them wasn’t worth ever having you
and maybe you been through this before,
but it’s my first time, so please ignore
the next few lines, cause they’re directed at you.

I can’t always be waiting, waiting on you
I can’t always be playing, playing your fool.

you suck

A recent series of events lead me to a conclusion today. A conclusion I think I’ve been dancing around, trying to preserve my thought on what I think love is. I’ve been so stuck on the idea of missing you next to me, I’ve totally forgotten the truth of you next to me. I forgot begging for your attention. I forgot feeling completely alone in your presence. I forgot the way you could make me feel with one effortless dismissal.

You forgot that I would do anything for you. 

Shout out to all my drunk single ladies.

It’s mother nature’s magic the way your life changes with the seasons. You don’t realize the distance you’ve traveled til you look down at all the shit on your shoes. Have you ever just met someone that changed your perspective on life. Someone you thought was so charming, you just had to have? Have you ever met your favorite character in real life? Someone you’re so instantly comfortable with, it’s like meeting the person in the mirror. And you figure each other out, and you travel together, and you make plans together, and you know what they like in their coffee. And everything is perfect. And then, you wake up one day and your fairytale is over, because you were silly enough to trust the wrong person with too much. And everything you based your emotions on for the past two years turns out to be the most dramatic lie of your adolescent life. And you crumble and hurt, and don’t know who the hell you are. But It only takes a second to remember who you used to be. Who you were before you made compromises, before you made someone else number one. Its like you get the privilege of meeting yourself again. You remember that you really do like napping right after work. Or painting your nails every Tuesday. And as a matter of fact I like getting drunk at the river with my dog at 2 in the afternoon. Meet yourself again, love yourself again, and love everything you do, again.  
It’s mother nature’s magic the way your life changes with the seasons.